Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Patterns today are printed with all sizes on one pattern. Read the size chart carefully to determine the best size for you. Use a tape measure to measure your body for the key measurements: Bust, Waist and Hip. The Hip is measured 9" below the waistline.

It is a good idea to highlight the cutting line for your size so you don't confuse the lines while cutting out. Use a contrasting marker to hightlight the correct cutting line.


I have chosen a "One Way Directional" Print for my dress. It is important to determine the best placement of the print before cutting out the dress. Hold the fabric up to yourself and look in the mirror to see the best placement of the pattern. You might have to try different placements to determine the best.


It is a good idea to press the fabric after washing. I like to press the paper pattern as well. Do not use stream when pressing the pattern.

Friday, July 17, 2009

It is a good idea to pre-shrink the fabric and all lining and interfacing before you cut out the pattern pieces. This will eliminate the possibility of the finished garment shrinking. After all you hard work that would be a disaster.


**Be carefull not to tear your pattern pieces. The tissue paper is fragile!**


Read the directions for the pattern carefully. This pattern does not have a sketch of the style showing the design details so I have to look carefully at the pattern to see what the style will look like. I have cut out the pattern pieces to make this easier.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fabric and Pattern

Here is the fabric and pattern. I bought them at "Sew to Speak", a really cute sewing store on High Street (a few blocks south of Morse) in Columbus, Ohio. The owner, Anita Bowman was very helpful. The shop offers classes in beginning sewing, home decor and stitching and finishing etc.

Sew to Speak
4610 N. High Street
Columbus, Ohio

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Getting started

Today I selected my pattern and fabric for my new dress, a boat neck, sleeve-less sheath in a large one direction print pattern in aqua, tan and rust. The trim fabric is a geo in tan and rust. The pattern is very large so I will have to plan the cutting and placing of the pattern carefully. I will be posting photos and sewing tips while I sew the dress. When I am done, I will teach you how to make the same dress!